How to plan a good meeting

A well run meeting requires good preparation, a clear event design and listening to the group in action.  This newsletter gives an overview of the first two parts. Or, as my old paving instructor told me, “proper planning prevents poor performance”.

A route map for preparation & design

The first two parts of this map are about figuring out what the situation needs.  That is, why are you meeting?  With the topic, it’s the general picture. With the context, it’s the issue or opportunity drivers.

The last three parts are about designing your meeting.  How are you meeting? With the event design, it’s the agenda and all the mechanics.  With the focus question, it’s the organising thread.  With the brainstorm questions, it’s about eliciting the information you actually need.



Other posts work through this map in more detail, and also discuss how to run a good meeting.

So, what’s your experience of a well planned meeting?

Go well!



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