Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator

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Who is it for?

The Certified ToP Facilitator (CToPF) qualification provides:

  • People in facilitative leadership roles with an internationally recognised certification based on assessment of their competence in applying ToP methods and understandings.
  • Employers and clients with evidence of a high level of competence.

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Assessment and certification

The ToP certification process is about being certified for a level of competency in facilitation using ToP methods and understandings, as distinct from being certified for competency in facilitation more generally (such as the Certified Professional Facilitator or CPF assessment process offered by the International Association of Facilitators).

Candidates assessed as competent are recognised as Certified ToP Facilitator (CToPF). This assessment is based on evidence gained from variety of potential sources, including:

Portfolio evidence provided by the candidate, documenting on-the-job application

Observation by ToP trainers during training, including practice and feedback sessions

Feedback or recommendation from a mentor and/or clients or referees

Direct observation by assessors in a real-life situation or role-play.

Underpinning values

The criteria and standards are…


Communicating to candidates and to others what it takes to be certified in terms of scope and standards.


Requiring a high level of competency from the ToP practitioner and indicating to others a high quality of practice from those who are certified.


Arising directly from the ToP Facilitative Leadership Program training and actual ToP practice of the candidate.

The process is…


Easy to understand, participate in, and administer, without imposing prohibitive costs.


Consistent, while accommodating personal circumstances, guarding against personal biases, comparable with ToP certification in other parts of the world.

Positively biased

Actively seeking multiple evidence sources and triangulating these for indicators that demonstrate required competencies.


Testing performance against a wide range of what is expected from a highly competent ToP facilitation practitioner.

ToP competency criteria and standards

Suitability for ToP certification is assessed against ToP competency criteria and standards which are comparable with those used in other parts of the world.

Use ToP Methods effectively (for both designing & leading)

  • Conduct effective Focused Conversations
  • Conduct productive Consensus Workshops
  • Facilitate ToP Strategic Planning
  • Guide Action Planning
  • Demonstrate varied applications of ToP Methods
  • Demonstrate comprehension of Underlying Dynamics

Create a participatory environment

  • Communicate effectively
  • Create positive atmosphere
  • Resolve group conflicts
  • Implement plans effectively

Evoke the creativity of the group

  • Understand learning needs
  • Apply appropriate approaches
  • Elicit group creativity
  • Utilise space and time

Orchestrate quality events

  • Manage overall process
  • Ensure dynamic process
  • Adapt to group needs
  • Utilise space and time

Manage positive client relationships

  • Understand client needs
  • Create appropriate designs
  • Communicate client needs
  • Manage projects effectively

Model positive Facilitative Leadership

  • Evoke depth and substance to illuminate group potential
  • Care for group journey
  • Practice self-assessment and self-awareness
  • Act with integrity
  • Model neutrality

Produce effective results

  • Apply appropriate methods
  • Clearly document results
  • Develop authentic consensus
  • Prepare for solid implementation

Criteria are summarised here. More detailed criteria apply, with explicit indicators and standards. Prospective candidates need to refer to the current guide to the ToP Certification Process (Australasia).