Our role is to help people work together more effectively. We focus on participation and its application in the real world. It's about the power of collaboration, not the hollow security of groupthink.

Towards better meetings

We work with you to design & run highly participatory meetings, workshops and other events. We manage the process, leaving you free to focus on the content.

We can help you with a focussed conversation or participatory workshop in almost any area you care to name. For example:
  • Business planning
  • Project scoping
  • Issue analysis
  • Community consultation
  • Corporate visioning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Team meetings
  • Action planning
  • Qualitative research

Towards doing it for yourself

We work with you to facilitate learning that focusses on what's strategically important for your business. We add effective collaboration and partnering skills to your existing capacities.

We use participatory methods to help you develop participatory skills, knowledge and capacities. We aim to:
  • Solve the important problems. We tailor content to meet your exact needs, and deliver at a time & place to suit you.
  • Provide professional support as a strong partner. Our expertise is based both on theory and evolving good practice.
  • Understand your staff and business needs and respond with strong-minded independence.