Collaborative tools, services and training

Meet smarter, not harder

"My role is to help people work together more effectively. I focus on participation and its application in the real world. It's about the power of collaboration, not the hollow security of groupthink."

Towards better meetings

I work with you to design & run highly participatory meetings, workshops and other events. I manage the process, leaving you free to focus on the content.

I can help you with a focussed conversation or participatory workshop in almost any area you care to name. For example:
  • Business planning
  • Project scoping
  • Issue analysis
  • Community consultation
  • Corporate visioning
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Team meetings
  • Action planning
  • Qualitative research

Towards doing it for yourself

I work with you to facilitate learning that focusses on what's strategically important for your business. I add effective collaboration and partnering skills to your existing capacities.

I use participatory methods to help you develop participatory skills, knowledge and capacities. You get to:
  • Solve the important problems. I tailor content to meet your exact needs, and deliver at a time & place to suit you.
  • Provide professional support as a strong partner. My expertise is based both on theory and evolving good practice.
  • Understand your staff and business needs and respond with strong-minded independence.
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In praise of (inter) active whiteboarding

Towards authentic and flexible communication. Why even clumsy drawings on the whiteboard can be more engaging than slick powerpoint slides.
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Visual facilitation tools

Posted: 5 November, 2014
A new-ish world of interactive graphics. Exploring connections, values and action by reshaping graphics in real-time.
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Buzzword bingo: bollocks, creativity and reality

Posted: 03 November, 2014
From empty buzzwords to useful content. A potential lateral thinking type tool for exploring what lies behind the jargon.
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A definitively defined topic

Posted: 10 September, 2014
Setting the context for a public dialogue. In which I discuss an example of a well defined topic in the public space: Judith Curry responds … sort of. It comes from Tamino's blog Open Mind.

Technology of Participation Strategic Thinking & Planning framework - Practical Actions - Simon Kneebone drawing

Creative plans for practical implementation

Posted: 20 August, 2014
Building a framework for action. How to forge breakthrough action plans for each strategic direction and assemble them into a coordinated plan.
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Creating bold paths from here & now to then & there

Posted: 19 August, 2014
From here & now to then & there. How to create Strategic Directions that both deal with constraints and build on strengths.
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Real world analysis leads to real life options

Posted: 18 August, 2014
Knowing where you stand. How to identify underlying constraints and strengths and then create windows of opportunity.